Thessaloniki nightlife guide

Thessaloniki nightlife guide Thessaloniki, like the New York City has many times been called “the city that never sleep”, for good reason. It is the co-capital of Greece but when I come to matters entertainment and a vibrant nightlife, Thessaloniki takes the lead to be the capital. Over the night, Thessaloniki gradually transforms from a slow lazy evening into a …

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Thessaloniki guide – Explore the city

Exploring Thessaloniki : A Guide For Tourists Thessaloniki, also called ‘Salonica’ represents Greece in all its fascinating glory. Located at a distance of about 520 kilometres from the capital city of Athens, Thessaloniki enjoys the position of being the 2nd largest Greek city. It is cosmopolitan in nature and can be termed as a modern world ‘metropolis’. Thessaloniki is a …

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Thessaloniki map

Thessaloniki map! Thessaloniki, also known as Salonica or Thessalonica (or thessaloniki), is Greece’s second largest city, and as can be seen in any Thessaloniki map. It is regarded as the cultural capital of Greece, famous for its events, festivals, millions of inhabitants and vibrant cultural life. Now, it is also regarded as the fifth-best party city in the world. Moreover, …

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Thessaloniki travel guide

Thessaloniki Travel Guide – Enjoy Greek Culture! Thessaloniki has produced several of Greece’s finest philosophers, musicians and artists. This Thessaloniki travel guide will help visitors to this part of Greece to find the best places to visit in the country. Whether you are looking for beautiful beaches or fine hotels and restaurants, you will enjoy the time that you spend …

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Thessaloniki’s airport

Thessaloniki airport

Thessaloniki is the second bigest town in Greece. Ofcourse it has it’s own airport. At the photo you can see thessaloniki’s airport.

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